Lukas Schreder aka Plato´s Dream is an Austrian musician inspired by the philosopher Plato. He has used his concept of the dream and ideas as the seed from which all creativity and evolution grows and spreads. This frees up his mind and extends the limits of where his music takes him.

Plato´s Dream blends organic samples, distinctive harmonies and repetitive patterns using a variety of instruments, sounds and beat structures which result in forming a unique atmosphere.

He has been playing piano since he was 6 years old. After 12 years at music school, and having developed a love of boogie woogie, he started playing in bands embracing as many genres as possible including grunge, (stoner) rock, reggae and funk. The lead guitarist in his first rock project introduced him to the guitar and more importantly to the looping machine which kick started the next phase in his development.
He created countless loops, each only a few seconds long and hyped by the world of overdub, he started producing his first songs.
Over the years he has refined his musical tastes and production methods - have a listen for his new single here.


Winner "Best Music Video" at the Tiroler Kurzfilm Festival 2018

- Hava a listen! -